Enes Kanter stats

Enes Kanter All-Star Game Stats

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If you’re wondering if Enes Kanter is good enough to make the All-Star team, you’re not alone but let’s take a look at his stats. Here is a look at his offensive and defensive stats, as well as his rebounding numbers. You’ll also learn about his ineligibility amount.

Enes Kanter’s offensive game

Enes Kanter’s offensive game statistics have been impressive over his career. In addition to his career-high points, Kanter is a proven offensive rebounding ace. He has finished in the top three in offensive rebounding percentage five times, and twice ranked first in the league.

Enes is an efficient post scorer with solid footwork. He kicks out the ball for a quick reset, and flips in hooks over either shoulder. His main defensive value comes from his rebounding. While he’s a better offensive rebounder, he can also pull down seven to ten defensive boards per game.

His defensive game

It is no secret that Enes Kanter is not the best defender in the NBA. His defensive real plus/minus, which measures his impact on defense per 100 possessions, ranks him 15th in the league among centers. That puts him ahead of Brook Lopez, Hassan Whiteside, and Jarrett Allen, but behind Tristan Thompson.

Kanter’s lack of offensive versatility makes him a liability as a pick-and-roll defender. He’s also limited in terms of size and lacks the vertical burst that can help him finish in transition.

His rebounding game

Enes Kanter is one of the most impressive rebounders in the NBA and you can see that in his stats. The Utah Jazz have noticed his talent and have been developing his game since his rookie year. The Swiss-born, Turkish-raised freedom was drafted third overall in the 2011 NBA draft.

His 30 rebounds in a game was a career high. He also had 12 offensive rebounds. This makes him the 4th player in the last 20 seasons to reach that mark. The others were Dwight Howard in 2018, Andrew Bynum in 2012, and Kevin Love in 2011.

His ineligibility amount

The NCAA has ruled Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter ineligible for the 2018-19 season. The NCAA found that the freshman received improper benefits in Turkey. The school is appealing the decision to the NCAA’s Division I Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee, which consists of NCAA member colleges and athletic conferences. The committee can reduce the conditions imposed by NCAA staff.

The NCAA defines actual expenses as any payments that the player receives to play for his team, including travel, meals, lodging, medical care, and transportation. Any payments that exceed the actual expenses of a player’s training and playing for a team are deemed incompatible with the collegiate model of sports. Fenerbahce, the team Kanter plays for, paid Kanter $33,033 in 2008-09 for playing in its senior league.

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