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Suns Reddit – The Phoenix Suns Are a Perpetually Mediocre Team

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The Phoenix Suns are perpetually mediocre. They aren’t a bottom feeder, but neither are they a legitimate threat to any NBA team. As a matter of fact, your team has played them twice already this season. Despite this, many Suns fans can’t seem to get enough of their team so they visit Reddit and talk about them there.

Sarver’s brainwashing of the twins

The Suns are a perennially mediocre team. That’s not to say they’re a bottom feeder or a danger to the league. In fact, they’ve already played your team twice this year. What’s Sarver trying to accomplish here? He wants the Suns to be a team that no one will remember in 10 years. This could even mean they get the dreaded nickname of Mini Bron.

Eric Bledsoe’s nickname

The Portland Trail Blazers have been seeking a trade partner for 6-foot-1 guard Eric Bledsoe, who is out of contract. The Blazers have spoken to several teams about trading Bledsoe, including the Houston Rockets. However, if a trade partner cannot be found, then Bledsoe will most likely be waived. This has prompted several teams to pursue the 6-foot-1 forward.

While Bledsoe is not a household name, he is a highly productive NBA player who can score in numerous ways. His versatility helped him to average 18.8 points per game as a point guard and average six assists.

CP3’s mediocrity

The mediocrity of CP3 has been the topic of discussion on Suns Reddit this season, but is there something more to it? The Suns are proof that the NBA has different levels. Without a top-5 leader, it’s hard to win a ring.

CP3’s five-team career

There’s an interesting argument about Chris Paul and his five-team career on Reddit. While the latter has been the better player during his prime, CP3 appears to be a more consistent player who will likely last for a while. Stockton, meanwhile, was a bit of a choker during the playoffs, but he also played well in later years and outlasted his point guard contemporaries. Stockton’s first finals came at age 34. CP3 is already 35, but he’s still a top player in the league.

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